UFS (Union Française des Semenciers) is the French seed association for seed companies & plant breeders.

UFS, which was founded in March 2009, is a trade association which deals with Seed Industry and plant breeding promotion in France and Worldwide. UFS gathers 118 seed companies involved in 3 key activities :

  • Plant breeding
  • Seed production
  • Seed marketing

UFS gathers the companies that were previously members of the 6 federations and associations:

AFSA : cereals & pulses

FFSFG : forage plants & amenity grasses

FNPSP : vegetables & ornamentals

OLEOSEM : oil seeds

SEPROMA : maize

SPFGB : sugar beets & chicory seeds

For generations, Seed Companies have been contributing, through the breeding process, to the safety of the food chain and to the economy, with regard to sustainable development.

Our missions 


> Represents its members and their interests on the national and international scale.

> Makes proposals to public authorities and other parties, stands up for the positions adopted on issues common to their profession.

> Bases its positions on discussions amongst professionals, relying on technical analysis and studies if need be.

> Works in strong partnership with all agricultural and food supply chains.

Strengthened by the diversity and by the expertise of its members, UFS cares to develop a positive image of the Seed Industry’s activities.